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Spanish Fly Pro is the number #1 libido enhancer and has been for 6 years in a row.

It's strong and works on almost everybody.

Five drops into a drink and within 10 minutes, your sexual appetite and libido increase.

There's no mystery why people love it so much.

There is just one request we received over the years.

Make a product with the same results - but make them permanent; i.e. you take the product once and your libido and passion for sex not only increases temporarily – it increases for good.

And after 4 years of work, we did it.

We introduce to you our XHANCE PRO.

The final, 100% safe, daily formula designed to increase the desire for sex - for good.

The same team that brought to you the original Spanish Fly Pro has come up with a new formula containing 14 aphrodisiacs, herbs and nutrients designed especially to help your body recover from nutritional deficits and hormonal imbalances that are created over time.

Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, Guarana, Ginseng, Vaccinium, Arginine, Yerba mate, Silybin Marianum, Muira Pauma, Chlorella, Ginkgo biloba, Dandelion, Mentha piperita and many other aphrodisiacals in each pill.

In a specific concentration and dosage.

Working all together, day after day, to help you restore the natural balance of your sexual wellbeing.

It took years of bad diets, daily stress, neglect, poor nutrition and lack of exercise that got you to where you are now.

And yes, it will take a little time and patience to restore your natural balance.

But once it is done, your sexual life will change dramatically.

So, What Now?

Use our Spanish Fly Pro drops anytime you want to spice things up and increase sexual desire on demand.

And add the XHANCE PRO pills to your daily diet to see things changing "to good," day after day.

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Jane K.

If you are wondering what is this XHANCE – it is like Spanish Fly Pro, but you don’t need to use it every time you want to hop on it. You use it for some time (up to 3 months I think) and you are done. You feel better. You think about sex again. You enjoy it more. It will basically bring you sexually back to your 20s. That’s it.

Peter M. Park

I just used my 32nd pill. So a month and something of using this xhance program and I can say I see some progress. I still use Spanish Fly Pro before any intercourse with my wife, but the idea that my libido will be better with no need to use anything sounds great to me. My ED problem is also getting better week after a week. I never thought it will be possible again! 

Paula Short

We have been using the Spanish Fly Pro for almost 2 years now and bought maybe 20 bottles already. And about 2 months ago was offered by this new product called XHANCE. Since it is from the same team as Spanish Fly Pro, we gave it a try. And the difference is really there. Now, even without using Spanish Fly Pro, we feel more closely together and more (not only) sexually connected. 

Jeff Koltren

My wife and I are using Spanish Fly Pro for years. Always 5 drops into a glass of wine. The one thing I can say for sure about these XHANCE pills… we are not using 3 drops and it is enough. Or we forgot to take it at all. And the lovemaking is possible.

Now, ONLY for Spanish Fly Pro customers, for a very limited time, the a 3-month XHANCE PRO program for the price of the 1-month.